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Like many fantasy settings, the World of Auene is a largely unexplored world, still full of unknown locations and mysteries unanswered by the people who live there. Though the civilizations have long histories, and scholars have unique magic to aid them, the development of knowledge and social progress is severely hampered by dependence on magic and the constant struggle for survival in a world teeming with feral beasts, predatory monsters, savage tribal races, and many strange and dangerous creatures. In size, the Known Lands are quite large, with the northern continent equivalent to the size of Earth’s North America. Two moons circle overhead, known as Meir-moon and Vaer-moon, one slightly north in the sky and the other slightly south, respectively. Vaer appears as the smaller of the two (Of old, north and south were instead called Meir and Vaer, and the east and west directions were known as elding and myrkr). One bright sun shines overhead, and the year is some 400 days in length. The people divide these days into 10 months of 40 days each, ten days to a week. (TMI – The weekdays are called Sion, Cyr, Treng, Verr, Teig, Lor, Velin, Ord, Frix, and Krys (Yes, there is a kind of syllable pattern), and the months are similarly named Sionet, Cyrdez, Trenget, Verrdez, Teignel, Lorum, Velinel, Ordum, Frisgin, Krysgin. The colloquial way of stating the day is to name the week, the day and the month, such as “its third Cyr, Ordum” or “it is second Teig, Teignel”.)


Aeune is currently divided into several Kingdoms, as a result of the various wars and political movements of the past. In many ways, the people of Aeune are shaped by their past, whether it’s how they conduct their business, celebrate their holidays, observe their religious rites, or just go about their day to day.


As a result of a number of events in the nearly-forgotten past, most all the civilized races have essentially the same deities in their pantheon of worship. Most all of the gods are seen as a bit capricious, their motives often unfathomable, as the same river that brings you fish to eat and water to drink might also bring floods and drowning. The only other common trait amongst all the gods is their warlike aspect – every deity has domain over some element of combat. There are several narratives of the pantheon, but they agree with each other on some elements: The gods that rule the land were not it’s creators, though perhaps much of the civilized lands owe the gods their habitability. The primordials who once roamed free created the world, and the gods who inhabit it. In exercising their power the primordials bestowed the gods with divine characteristics, unaware that the gods would in turn use their new powers to bind their creators, banishing them from the world and claiming it as their own. By what means the gods discovered this possibility is wisely kept from the mind of mortals. After otherwise giving new shape to the world, the gods took their turn at creating their own beings, the intelligent races (civilized and not) being the finest of their creations. The gods avoided repeating their creators mistakes, as mortals were not granted the light of the gods as a reward for existence, but left in the dark until they could prove their loyalty and worthiness to receive divine gifts.


Though the primordials themselves were nearly all banished, their indelible elemental powers still pervade the world, the source from which all magic is drawn, and all action is made.


The many locales in Aeune are populated by every kind of people, all with their own agendas and purposes, and struggles to survive and thrive in the world. It is not uncommon to find dwarves, elves, humans, and halflings, and it’s also possible to encounter the more exotic eladrins, dragonborn, and teiflings. On Aeune, all of the civilized races are humanoid, having the same kinds of features as each other, merely to more or less extremes (dragonborn and tieflings don’t actually look like dragons or demons, but like humans who’s features have been exaggerated).

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